Freshly Filtered Water. Fast.

Get Relay  today for filtered water at the speed of your faucet.

Relay filters water at the
speed of your faucet

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*CamelBak Relay Double Filter Technology Filters as you fill and again as you pour - removing Chloramine, Chlorine, Taste and Odor

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Double Filter Technology

Filter as you fill and again as you pour for great tasting water. This dual filter system is the secret to delivering freshly filtered water, fast.

Fast Filling

The Relay Fresh Filter is pleated, which increases the amount of water that comes into contact with the filter at a time. This design allows Relay to filter water 10X faster than the leading competitor.

Effective Filtering

The Relay Fresh Filter is packed with plant-based activated carbon that is embedded into a non-woven material. Independent test data shows Relay removes Chloramine, Chlorine, taste and odor (see test data here).

Locking Lid Stays In Place

No more super slo-mo trips from the faucet to the fridge. The Relay lid snaps on and locks tight, ensuring that you won’t slosh water all over the kitchen floor.

No Spills When You Pour

CamelBak Relay filters at the speed of your faucet. This eliminates the need for a filling reservoir (located at the top of most pitchers), making Relay easy to balance and virtually impossible to spill.

  • Double Filter Technology

Space-Saving Design

CamelBak Relay stores up to ten cups of fresh water without sacrificing valuable fridge space. The ergonomic and space-saving design fits easily inside most refrigerator doors.

Relay's long lasting filter. Good for you. Great for the environment.

Sustainability matters. That's why we've designed the Relay Fresh filter to last 4 months, twice as long as other filters on the market. Which means less plastic waste and fewer trips to the store for replacements.

One Filter = 600 Plastic Bottles; lasts 4 months, 2x longer than other filters

Freshly Filtered Water. Fast. For $36.99

CamelBak Relay is available at your local Target store, Amazon, and right here at in six designer colors. Click below to buy now or to find one in a store near you.

Available Colors

Filters 10x faster
Space-saving design
Controlled pour
Double filter technology
Dishwasher Safe
Spill-proof locking lid
10-cup filter pitcher